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What you don't want

Title: What you don't want
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1,821
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It is a constant routine and as much as Luhan says he doesn't want this, that things need to stop, they just won't. This time, things go a bit farther.

Before he can really utter a word, Sehun has him pressed against the wall. Before the other can utter a word, Sehun presses his lips against Luhan’s, frantically and without much care. Sehun sneaks his free hand, that isn’t holding the back of Luhan’s neck down to his waist to massage smooth and gentle circles into his hip to reassure him that things are okay, that this is okay. Luhan hums in approval because he knows that if he falls, Sehun will catch him.

Sometimes knowing that is what scares Luhan the most.

“Stop,” it’s more of a wavering plea than a stable one when Luhan breaks the kiss and tries to push Sehun away. He’s leaning against the wall, panting and trying to catch his breath because no matter what Sehun does, he somehow manages to take his breath away. “Please, stop.”

Sehun does just that and he leans into him, resting his chin on his shoulder and letting his breath tickle the other’s ear. He continues to rub the small circles into the others waist because he knows just how much he likes it and how it relaxes him to completion. And just from that ministration alone, Sehun usually knows that he has Luhan in the palm of his hands.

“You really don’t want me to.” And it sounds like a statement, a statement of truth but also a question because sometimes Sehun really needs to hear that perhaps Luhan doesn’t want this, even though they both know what’s going on.

It seems to Luhan that parts of him speaks differently and in many differently languages. What his body craves, his heart craves another and what his mind says, his soul counteracts that. It’s a push and pull, a consist tug-o-war within him and sometimes he’s close to purging. He’s close to purging all the hesitancy out of him.

Luhan takes the initiative this time and he takes Sehun by the chin and he brings him into a chaste kiss that last longer than it is supposed to. Soon enough, he nibbles on Sehun’s bottom lip begging for an entrance as he groans; wanting more than what anyone could give him. Sehun stops the motion and he grips Luhan firmly, pulling his bodily closer to his and he feels everything and more in this kiss as Luhan deepens. The dancing of their tongues is short lived as Sehun sucks on his tongue, provoking him in more ways than one. A moan escapes Luhan’s throat as he pulls Sehun closer to him, untangling and unwinding in their kiss. When Luhan breaks the kiss, he feels his heart speak this time. He hears it cry out for him to pull back, to crash his lips upon the other’s and relish in the heaven that they both exist in.

Luhan takes a breath, “No, I don’t want this.” and he tries to push him away with what strength he has left from such a taxing kiss. He’s digging his nails into Sehun’s shoulders and his eyes are shut tight, not wanting to see the look on his face, not wanting to see the rejection that he has caused.

Sehun is stronger than he appears and he doesn’t hesitate to show it either as he takes one of Luhan’s hand off of his shoulder, placing it roughly above his head as the other hand tries to shove him away but to no avail. In no time does Sehun’s dexterous hand make its way into the lose sweats that hang lowly on the other’s hips. He doesn’t give him a time to adjust to the new found feeling of being touched, but he goes for what he wants.

“You want this.” And it’s the growl in his voice that should scared Luhan but it doesn’t one bit, it seems to turn him on more than he would care to admit. Sehun leans forward and playful licks at his lips, never giving what he knows he wants. They both hear their heartbeats racing faster as Sehun carefully wraps his fingers around Luhan, giving a soft and endearing tug that has Luhan groaning and almost weakening in his hold. He also revels in just how wet Luhan is for him and he never skips a beat as he thumbs over the slit, eliciting a quiet moan from him.

“If you didn’t want me,” Sehun leans forward to nip, suck and lick at Luhan’s neck as he trembles into him. They haven’t even started much and as much as Luhan would like to believe that he doesn’t want the other, his body is speaking for him otherwise. “Then you wouldn’t be so fucking wet for me.”

As Sehun alternates between moving his hand slowly to fast on Luhan’s cock, he watches silently as Luhan loses all of his composure and begins to buck up into his hand. He’s clawing at Sehun’s shirt now, needing something to hold on for dear life but it doesn’t seem enough because he feels like he’s floating, like this is too good for him to be on Earth. His swollen red lips are parted and he is panting, wanting more and when he tries to form coherent words, all that escapes him are euphonious moans.

“S-stop...” and Luhan knows he doesn’t want the other to stop the wonderful warmth on his cock, the slick and talented hand squeezing him and jerking him to completion. He doesn’t want to stop the mouth that makes its way to his Adam’s apple. He doesn’t want to stop the other hand that has made its way up his shirt, rubbing and squeezing his nipple between fingers that has him arching his back in a beautiful way that almost looks painful.

To silence him, Sehun shows his fingers into Luhan’s mouth, beckoning him to suck them. If it wasn’t for the last bit of control that he had, he would have come in his pants just from the feel of Luhan’s soft tongue lathering up his fingers. Sehun continues his ministrations and he does something that has Luhan moaning loud around his fingers, when he flicks his wrist and he swipes his thumb on the underside of his cock and it has Sehun clawing for more, wanting more.

When he pulls his hand out of Luhan’s pants and takes his wet fingers out of his mouth, he hears a faint whine. Without a protest, he spins Luhan around, pushing him up against the wall. He pulls his sweatpants down, letting them pool to the floor as he gives a rough tap on his ass that has him moaning louder and pushing his ass back. As Luhan feels the cold around his entrance, he mentally prepares himself. When the first finger breaches, he will admit it feels extremely weird but weird to his liking. Once he gets use to the feeling, he pushes back a bit, silently asking for another finger.

He bites his lip when the second finger pushes in; he begins pushing back even more. Hands and face against the wall as he pants. After what seems like minutes of scissoring him, Luhan hears the rustling of clothes and he feels a small breeze as Sehun’s pants fall to the floor silently. Sehun grabs Luhan’s hips, leaning forward so his clothed chest meets Luhan’s clothed back and he whispers to him.

“Tell me…you don’t want this. Luhan, tell me now.” He’s rubbing his cock back and forth against Luhan’s entrance as he hears a deep whine in his throat that threatens to escape.

“I don’t…I don’t wa—” before Luhan can finish, Sehun clasps a hand over his mouth and he thrusts in. He hears part of the scream that Luhan lets out but the rest is muffled against his palm. For a minute, Sehun is showing mercy and he lets the other adjust to the foreign intrusion.

“Tell me, Luhan.” Sehun punctuates everyone word and his name with a particularly hard thrust that has Luhan losing everything that he stood for, that has him biting down softly on Sehun’s fingers as they make their way into his mouth, that has him raising his voice a few octaves with each snap of the hip.

It’s too torturous and slow for Luhan who is a man of getting things done quickly. When he wants something, he wants something now. He gets it because he is in control and not being in control right now. Looking so debauched, his eyes closed tight as he takes Sehun’s cock is really out of his control but he cannot say he doesn’t enjoy it one bit.

“I...I …I” And he has never been reduced to such incomprehensible speech until now because this, this is what Sehun does to him. This is what Sehun makes of him as he tears down those walls that Luhan likes to build.

Because the pent up tension between the two has been building up for what had seemed like days, maybe even weeks or months, they know they won’t last long. Sehun decides to change things up and he starts to quicken his thrusting and he pulls his hand from Luhan’s mouth and he tightens his grip on his waist, knowing that it will bruise tomorrow but it will be their sweet little secret.

Sehun decides to lean back and watch just how Luhan takes his cock, how it sinks into his body without resistance and he loves it more than anything. If this is what he could do all day, being snug inside of Luhan like the perfect fit, it would be something that he would do. Playfully, he smacks his ass again receiving another groan from the other. He watches as his ass turns red and it rubs it to soothe the pain that he knows Luhan still enjoys, just because it is him.

Luhan clasps his hand over Sehun’s on his hip and he moves it to his cock and he guides Sehun. As Sehun begins to speed up his thrusts, he begins to jerk Luhan to completion and after a few more rough tugs, Sehun witnesses Luhan’s back arching and him giving a soft shout of relief as he comes undone in Sehun’s hands, coating his fingers and dripping onto the floor. Experiencing what he’s done to Luhan, sets Sehun off and after a couple snaps of the hip, he finally comes inside of him, riding it out as he gives short and slowly shallow thrusts as he slows down.

As Sehun slips out of him, Luhan slumps down to the floor, panting and trying to muster the words to explain what just happened but nothing comes out so they sit in silence for a few minutes.

“You can’t tell me you didn’t want that.” Sehun breaks the silence. Luhan doesn’t say anything, he just looks at him and he wonders something: Could he ever not want what Sehun would give him.

A/N: This is my first time writing out of the shinee fandom and I was extremely nervous since this is the first thing I've written for this pairing ;; I do hope you enjoy.
Tags: fandom: exo, genre: pwp, pairing: sehun/luhan, rating: nc-17
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